What sexual fantasies can a paid female companion satisfy?

Sexual fantasies are something that every person is consciously or unconsciously thinking about. There are people who are ashamed of their inner erotic thoughts and turn-ons, but whatever the case, sexual fantasies are completely normal. What is not normal is the fact that you are trying to hide your fantasies and being embarrassed by them. 

If you harbour any deep, dark desires and want them fulfilled, you can turn to the Adult Guide Directory. We list an amazing selection of escorts in London and you will find girls of various ethnicities and body statistics. Whether you like women with bigger breasts or prefer petite women, we have them all for you. 

Now, let us tell you some of the common sexual fantasies that escorts are known to fulfil. Of course, you can share your fantasies with your chosen escort and customise the experience. 

  • Multi-partner sex 

If you have watched Games of Thrones, it is possible that you have fantasised about yourself in place of Theon Greyjoy where he is being seduced and naked with two amazing women. Does your hand travel between your legs thinking of multi-person sex?

You are not alone. A lot of people enjoy that and it can be extremely hot. You can experience multi-party sex by hiring an escort offering duo services. This means that you will be seduced by two gorgeous beauties and you can have a night of amazing fun with them. They will be at your mercy and do whatever you ask them to. 

  • Control, power or rough sex

Be it Rihanna’s S&M video or Fifty Shades of Grey, chains and whips excite people around the world. Bondage, sadism and masochism, submission and dominance, and discipline is popular fantasy. If you want to dabble in BDSM, you can hire an escort offering light and medium BDSM experiences. But, if you are ready for the big games and think that you can handle being whipped, chained and gagged, you can see a dominatrix. She will assume control over you and make you feel vulnerable. If it is pain that you want, it is pain that you will get and the entire experience is going to be extremely pleasurable. 

  • Adventure and novelty in sex 

Want to incorporate a new sexual activity? Boning your partner whilst wearing a butt plug? Or getting pegged by your girl? If you are looking for adventure in bed, hiring escorts in London is the ideal option. These girls know exactly what men want and they are experienced in catering to various fantasies and desires. These girls can introduce you to anal play and anal sex. Also, you can indulge in 69 or deepthroat blowjobs. Your chosen escort will help you explore non-missionary penetrative sex and once you have discovered the joy of different sexual positions, it will be difficult for you to go back to having missionary sex. 

  • Forbidden sex or taboos 

When it comes to sex, a lot of people like to believe that anything other than kissing and missionary sex is taboo. But, if indulging in forbidden sex turns you on, London escorts are eager to meet you. From licking feet to dirty armpits and licking buttholes, nothing is off-limits when it comes to escorts. Some of them are also enthusiastic about golden showers. So, you only have to share your desires and know that they will be satisfied and fulfilled. Also, you will not be judged for your sexual needs. 

So, what is your fantasy? What turns you on? Share it with your chosen escort and for that, check out the Adult Guide Directory’s listings.